Japan's Electronic Parts Enterprises Accelerate the Transfer to Overseas Countries



According to Japan Economic News, Japanese electronic parts manufacturers have accelerated the transfer of production overseas to meet the needs of emerging countries.

Konica Minolta will invest 11 billion yen to build a new glass hard disk substrate plant for computer storage devices in Malaysia. It is expected to start production in October. Its production capacity will double to the present, and its overseas production ratio will increase to 81%.

HOYA, the world's largest glass HD substrate manufacturer, has invested about 15 billion yen to build its fifth production base in the Philippines. It is planned to put into operation in August. Its production capacity will increase by 30% and all production will be transferred overseas.

Fuji Motor, which produces disks for storage devices, has increased the production of Malaysian factories since March this year, and its overseas production rate has increased to 70%. Toshiba and Japan GST will locate their main production bases in the Philippines and China respectively. The Murata Institute has transferred Japanese production equipment to China and Malaysia, mainly producing capacitors at low and middle prices. It is expected that the overseas production rate will increase to 30% by 2013.

Under the increasingly fierce global competition, Japanese electronic enterprises are rapidly increasing their overseas production. According to the statistics of Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association, in 2009, the ratio of overseas production of AV products such as TV sets reached 72%, and about 90% of Japanese computer manufacturers were produced overseas.

It is expected that the ratio of overseas production of electronic components will be 63% in 2009. With the appreciation of the yen fixed at less than 1 dollar = 100 yen, Japanese enterprises will further accelerate the pace of overseas entry in the future, and enterprises that reduce the scale of domestic production may further increase.

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